Qualcomm shouldn#039;t win iPhone import ban, says ITC judge

The iPhone is a judge of the US International Trade Commission and will not be subject to import prohibition in the United States presiding over the conflict between Apple and Qualcomm, he said, probably of the three Qualcomm patents in the case center It violates one.

Judge Thomas Pender, ITC, insisted that the ban on iPhone imports in the United States was against the stakeholders, Bloomberg Report. Details of the judge's findings are not yet available, but will be made public if confidential information that both companies do not want to publish is written.

Since the judge stated that Apple is in violation of one of the three patents of QUALCOMM, the import ban is not feasible, but the judge does not exclude further measures.

The ruling effectively prevents Qualcomm from exerting great pressure on Apple.

QUALCOMM said Apple infringed patents on operator aggregation, graphics processing, signal modification filed last year against ITC. Consumers, in June, contrary to the prospect of prospecting by submitting complaints to ITC to Qualcomm, suggesting that the ban leads to anti-competitive behavior.

This is not the sole activity of the ITC between the two companies, as the second Qualcomm complaint was submitted to the European Commission under similar arguments. In this case, QUALCOMM was delayed by agency staff recommending that none of the remaining patent cases be infringed by Apple, and import prohibition would adversely affect the US cellular modem market. – United.

ITC complaints are part of a series of lawsuits in legal disputes between the two companies.

In the suit against Qualcomm this year, Apple insisted on abusing exclusivity to the wireless modem industry, claiming excessive royalty, threw the first stone. Qualcomm also applied for a discount of about one billion dollars promised to investigate Apple 's Korea Antitrust Law.

Qualcomm has fought back after three months and subsequently has submitted several complaints …

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