Qualcomm Wants To Help Build More Alexa-Powered Bluetooth Earbuds

We found the effectiveness of the Google Assistant on the pixel buttons. It's no wonder that Qualcomm hopes to integrate Alexa's wireless buttons into the public eye. The chip manufacturer has published a reference template for companies that will help them integrate the Alexa via the buttons.

The reference design is a technical plan that can be copied by wireless bud manufacturers and modified as needed.

More simply, the reference design serves as the framework for the implementation of Alexa's wireless heads; Users can wake Alexa by pressing a button on their headsets. This design delegates the computer to the Alexa application instead of wireless headphones.

With the reference design, manufacturers can focus on other aspects such as the design, usefulness and robustness of the ear cups.

The reference heads use Qualcomm's HVAC noise reduction technology and are based on a 60 mA battery that can be charged via a micro USB port. It should also be noted that the reference design, unlike Apple AirPods, includes a wire for connecting the earcups.

This new frame design could open the door to Alexa headphones; Bose and Jabra already have audio products with Alexa integration in the market. Manufacturers can use this design and create their own wireless headset versions. According to Qualcomm, the manufacturer can add hardware such as additional sensors and support aptX audio.

Alexa Assistant is tailor-made for smart devices. The device has always had a big impact on how we see smart homes. In addition, the Google Knowledge chart for smartphone features is probably more appropriate.

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