A Quick Checklist of What Technologies You Should Use to Have a Smart Home

With today’s technology offerings, there is a lot of ease in setting up a smart home. While at first, that may sound expensive, it is rather affordable when you think of all the benefits that come with it. You actually get to ease your workload at home and enjoy great services. With a good thermostat, you could easily turn on the heat way before you get home, saving money by keeping it at a lower temperature during the day when no one is home. Below is a quick checklist of what technologies you should consider using in your smart home.

  1. Best Satellite TV

We can all likely agree that a TV room is a central part of most homes, especially if you have kids. A big source of relaxation and entertainment is provided by gathering to watch shows or movies. Ensure you have the best satellite internet service to enjoy your favorite shows and programs while streaming.

  1. Thermostat

Using a high-tech thermostat in your new home will help you to cut down on electricity costs and energy usage. A good thermostat will enable you to adjust your temperature to suit your schedule and lifestyle. Most of the models available can actually learn your habits and store that data to adjust your house’s temperature at different times automatically. They can also integrate weather forecasts, making your home will be warm during the cold seasons and cool during hot seasons. These thermostats can be controlled using an app on your smartphone or computer.

  1. Eco-friendly Washing Machine

This type of machine saves a lot when it comes to energy use, and washes clothes more efficiently than ordinary washing machines. It is designed with smart grid readiness, which will ensure it works properly even during low electricity. The best part about it is the fact that it can access the internet and troubleshoot itself during issues. This will save you from spending a lot of time calling the repair guy for service.

  1. Automated Lighting

Switch to LED lighting and save on electricity costs and energy.  Additionally, with smart automated lighting, you get full control of your home’s lighting, even remotely. You could easily program lights to switch on or off even when on vacation. You could even take it a step further and link it to your phone through apps and control your home lighting easily.

  1. Internet

You should ensure your new home is internet enabled; almost all other technologies depend on it. It is quite affordable and will save you a lot of money in the long range. Look for an internet company that will provide you with the best speeds at a low cost.  Consider the latest technology which is via satellite internet.

  1. Security Camera

Modern security cameras are equipped with so many features that really boost your security and make you feel safe. These features can include motion detectors, scheduling, and great video quality. There are so many options available, be sure that you should take your time to pick one that best suits you in terms of price and functionality.

  1. Smart Switch

Imagine if you could control the power output in your home, using a smartphone? You can.  And this means you can control when the plug is turned on or off. All of your electronic devices will be safe, and you will be able to ditch that “did I leave that plugged in???” feeling when you’re not sure whether you turned your switches off when you left the house.

  1. Carbon / Smoke Detector

It is always ideal to have state of the art smoke detectors in your home. Most modern smoke detectors are able to alert you right on your smartphone with alerts that notify you and the fire department. They are adjustable also to give you the option of calling should it be nothing more than burnt toast.

  1. Smart Garage Opener

You are moving to a new home, and you need to be comfortable from the moment you arrive, and that includes parking your car in the garage. The stress of shuffling for the garage door opener is a thing of the past. Get a smart garage opener that can sense your car coming through the driveway and automatically open it for you. It will also close the door once you are parked inside. How cool is that?

  1. Smart Home Lock

With the best home locks, you could increase your home security tremendously. With the available technology, you could incorporate finger scanning, voice recognition, and even facial recognition. It is always nice to feel safe when at home, and this gives you the assurance of no forced entry or burglary

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