quot;Lawful interceptquot; Pegasus spyware found deployed in 45 countries

Citizen Lab

Security researchers have found evidence that the evidence that they "intercepted lawfully" for government agencies has been deployed to the victims of 45 countries. Monitoring across the border.

Malware called Pegasus (or Trident) has been created by the Israeli computer security company NSO group and has existed for at least three years.

Malware is primarily detected in campaigns targeting iPhone users, but it works on both Android and iOS devices. On infected devices, Pegasus is a powerful spyware that can do a lot, such as recording conversations, eavesdropping private messages, excluding photos.

In addition, if malware is present, critical infrastructure needs to work

In the past three years, safety researchers at Citizen Lab, a laboratory of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto in Canada, follow the case where Pegasus is deployed in the wild.

In many cases, the Spy regime is spying on journalists, human rights defenders, opposition politicians, lawyers, anti-corruption allegations with spyware.

However, according to the new data released today by researchers at the Citizen Research Institute, it has been revealed that there are 36 groups that introduced Pegasus spyware to targets in 45 countries including the US, France, the US, and the United States . Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom. To a predetermined position.

Citizen Lab said that 10 of these 36 groups appear to be conducting surveillance activities in several countries and restrict spies within the border that could violate US existing surveillance law We are reporting that it is not done. The country where the victim of Pegasus

Researchers at Citizen Lab are aware that some survey results may be inaccurate as some targets may use satellite connections with VPNs that might be in another country I admitted. But they said that some of the operators of Pegasus are alarmed even against Western countries, who are strictly monitoring over their borders against their citizens against the dissidents living abroad It does not exclude.

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