Ransomware attack blacks out screens at Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport

At the Bristol airport in the UK, the flight information screen turned off on the weekend.

Airport staff are attributing to ransomware infection that affects computers operating the internal TV screen of the airport and displays information on arrival and departure flights.

According to Bristol Airport's social media report, the infection seems to be rooted in local time on Friday morning. We warned that we will arrive early all weekends. Wait for extra time for the registration process.

On Friday, Saturday and the following evening, airport staff announced information on airport check-in and check-in using white paper and white board. ;airport.

He met local reporters at the weekend and stated that airport officials are not planning to pay the ransom demand at the airport. An attacker elected to break up the system while repairing the affected computer.

Flight delay was not reported due to the cyber attack, the official said.

The function of the affected system was restored to local time on Sunday. The airport screen ran on Sunday.

"We are patiently appreciating passengers to solve this week's flight information problem.The digital display is now available for arrival and departure, along with Photo It is a fully functional screen.

This is not the first time a computer has problems due to transcripts at the airport, even if it is not as direct as it is today. In March this year, Hartzfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport closed its internal Wi – Fi network for security measures and the Atlanta city network was attacked by ransomware.

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