10 Reasons Why Apple iPhone X or iPhone 8 Could Be The First iPhone To Fail

Update - 2018.07.31

Reasons Why Apple iPhone X or iPhone 8 Could Be The First iPhone To Fail: OK, the moment of the big debut of Apple iPhone X is almost here unless real rumors are stating that it will be released later due to production problems. You’ve already heard and seen all about this smartphone, the first iPhone with OLED screen, with an edge to edge screen, no Home button, even without Touch ID this time. I knew that iPhone 8, more recently that the iPhone X and something tell me it will not even be the hit Apple fans expect.

Why Apple iPhone X or iPhone 8 Could Be The First iPhone To Fail – List

The hype and marketing machine is no longer in place

People have just begun to learn the marketing stuff, even with Apple. We can no longer be fooling with comparisons, with megapixels and RAM gaming, with marketing terms, with some X-Reality, Splendid, True Tone, dual pixel, Ion Glass or other madness. We want a pragmatic innovation that we can put our finger (if it is possible). Apple would have much needed a Steve Jobs and his famous “field of distortion of reality”. At this point of evolution Apple, a new clip with background white and Jony Ive would just be annoying, super annoying even.

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Too many leaks

Apple iPhone 8 has had a lot of leaks, each of them hitting the surprise factor of the product. Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Apple iPhone 7 had a lot of leaks, but not so. Here we have seen even what appeared to be a video with the on-off and functional phone, the Holy Grail of all leaks. We’ve seen component images, deduced functions from the Apple HomePod firmware, and walked through the Touch ID sensor anywhere just below the screen.

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Too many production problems

Every week there is an issue with the production of iPhone 8 or iPhone X. First, I have heard that OLED screens give a lot of shots, then that Samsung imposes high prices, and that Apple fails to integrate the Touch sensor Under Screen ID. When I heard that some component manufacturers did not deliver on time, and Apple had to buy the equipment and produce it alone.

The information has been leaked from Foxconn, Samsung, and other partners and it does not sound good at all. Even if the product is going to be successful, it could be pulled back by the amount of unit failure, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if I remember, much more public demanded than Samsung expected.

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The upper speaker area is horrible

I read lots of aesthetic leakage news for iPhone 8, and I still have no editor saying, “Wow, I think this idea is super with the dark and big area for the earpiece and sensors that leave two “screen hints” on the right and the left. Why are not all the phones so, Apple marry me and make me the kids?!?!?! “I want to meet a man who appreciates that aesthetic decision and shake my hand to see if it’s real or not. You probably understand I do not like Apple’s design, but it’s likely that millions of people will appreciate it.

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Functions that will come after launch

Apple has an excuse ready. If iPhone X is launched and late and castrated, Apple will quote other cases. Remember that the iPhone 7 Plus received the most recent Portrait for the camera and that the Galaxy S8 received the late Bixby full. Here’s a list of features that might come after launch: wireless charging, extra / new camera functions, Face ID set to 100%, apps that take advantage of the alleged contextual shortcuts area at the bottom of the screen.

It would be like the delay is still as small as possible and not even vital functions. My wireless charging seems to me to be important, for example, especially if you have a paired accessory, and Apple has years to recover from Samsung in this regard.

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Above $1000 price

We all know that iPhones are expensive no matter how handy you have. In Romania they are even more costly, so I do not even want to think about what scores to be made. Walk the word in the fair that iPhone X, that a particular and rare edition what it is will have a pricey peaking. If the American can afford $ 600 or $ 700 of his $ 2000 or $ 3000 salary, $ 1,000 will crap his Amex or Mastercard card.

What about Europeans were 1,200 euros would buy a holiday in any fancy capital on our continent, a few good days. I do not worry that there will be demand and there is the prospect of subscriptions and rates, but with an alternative to iPhone 8 / 7s, will there be more people so eager for an investment that in Romania would bring a car almost ok at hand second?

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Without touch id and no home button for so long

This is rather a speculation, but it’s going in that direction, judging by leaks. Since the iPhone 5s, the use of Touch ID and Home button has become second nature for millions of people. It is true that we will be disappointed, but the inconvenience of the first few days and weeks of using the iPhone X will give rise to many complaints, I am sure.

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An instinct after so many years

This brings up the “ability” factor. My instinct tells me that this phone might be a failure. It has the potential to sell many units, but if it is promoted as a “special edition,” 10,000 units per month, it will be just a point forgotten in Apple’s many decades of history. Something tells me that you will not find the iPhone X on all roads, at all stores and that the number of units sold will be very small beside other Apple flagships.

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The first dual camera on the iPhone did not break the clouds

Apple would do well to amaze us completely with the dual camera on the iPhone X. Its first dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus was not what it knows, it did not stabilize the video well and the Bokeh effect though pleasant in the first phase, it is now outdated by rivals that Galaxy Note 8. Interestingly, not much detail about the room, apart from the mention of new resolutions and frame rate shooting, plus lighting options and flash.

The public’s prerogatives are up to the one after a high Google Pixel, the superb HTC U11, the Galaxy S8 and the Notes 8 that have spoiled us and after everyone has started using dual cameras. Let’s see if Apple breaks the Stabilization Recipe successfully on the dual camera.

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The Face ID feature will be stunning until it is no longer

As astonishing as the Face ID, accurate and perfect, capable of recognizing you, and with the phone on the table, there will be crunchier. There will be a bug, a hack and if I guess a “gate” scandal would be “Face ID Gate.” With every new technology there is a potential for problems, and whether it’s a violation of privacy, a hack that passes you through this authentication, or only running bugs, there’s a chance that the Apple promise will come out here.

Apparently, I can deceive myself, alter I am a human, I have opinions formed from information taken from the web, which can be more or less planted by competition. Each of the rumors above, the negative ones, especially moves the needle for Apple every day with billions of dollars. These are games that we do not have access to and that we do not understand, especially now before the iPhone X is released. As the world remained faithful to Note 7 and after it explodes, it would require a “miracle contrary “to make the iPhone X a failing phone.

I know this contrasts with everything I said above, but what do we do if the phone is appreciated and can not be bought anywhere? If Apple does not meet demand at all? If partners do not deliver the components on time? If there’s a need for a batch to be retired for a bug? Is Apple ready for such a blow? Apple would say, “I can not wait to find out.” Personally, I say “I can not wait to progress and buy anything other than smoke and mirrors.”

Hope you like the article ‘10 Reasons Why Apple iPhone X or iPhone 8 Could Be The First iPhone To Fail‘. Stay tuned for more updates.

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