5 Reasons Why The LG V20 Should Be Your Next Smartphone

LG now finds themselves in an almost good position to win over smartphones consumers with their latest big phone. I’ve been using the past few days with the LG V20 and needed to admit; I’m quite impressed with its software features and top-notch specs. Whether you’re looking for a solid Galaxy Note 7 alternative or just ready to improve that old Android phone, listed here are five big reasons why you should make the LG V20 your next smartphone.

The software

LG V20

The LG V20 is the first smartphone to come out of the box with Android 7.0 Nougat. That’s a problem, especially considering the update only recently started rolling out to Nexus devices. For Android fans who care about this type of thing, the LG V20 has a clear lead from a lot of the competition out there. If history has taught us anything, it can be several months before existing devices — just like the Note 7 or Galaxy S7 Edge — will see the same update on carrier devices. LG could already be the next big Android maintenance launch (7.1) by that time.

It’s a large phone with an extra screen

LG V20

There are not multiple options for people who love big smartphones — aka “phablets” — however with a massive 5.7-inch Quad HD display, the LG V20 is as big as they come.

Talking of the Always-on Second Screen, LG tells it’s now 50% brighter than last year’s V10, easier to read font size and with a larger. The Second Screen gives users the ability to activate app shortcuts, quick settings and have constant access to the time and notifications. It seems a little odd at first, however, after spending a few days with the device, it’s become one of my favorite features.

It’s a great phone with a removable battery

LG V20

Also with a premium feeling metal back, the LG V20 still features a removable battery. That is pretty much you’re the only option when you’re looking for this feature in a smartphone of this size. This feature is quickly going the best way of the dinosaur. However, we’re glad LG is sticking by it.


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It’s metal and durable

LG V20

The V20 doesn’t hide its metal surface under the thick paint. Instead, the “aircraft-grade” aluminum back looks like just that — metal. LG has figured out some way to silicon and mix aluminum, and while the bottom and top are still Silicone Polycarbonate, LG says the phone still agree to US military standards for durability.

The V20 should withstand many drops from 4-feet in height — whether it’s on the front, sides, back or corners — without any failures, however, we’ll just have to take their phrase on it.

More cameras, more fun

LG V20

It also comes with a dual camera on the back.  The V20 uses a standard 16MP f/1.8 camera for normal photography, and a 135-degree 8MP wide angle lens if you wish to zoom out and capture more of a scene. Like the G4 and G5 before it, LG camera software is best With OIS, full manual controls and Hybrid auto-focus which uses Phase Detection, Contrast, and Laser Detection — the LG V20 can some of the best mobile pictures around.

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