Released live fitness class competing with $ 1,500 Mirror, Peloton and ClassPass

Today another household fitness business is making a debut. Miller will exit the stealth mode by introducing the device under that name. It broadcasts a live or pre-recorded fitness class with a mirror on a 40 inch, 1080p vertical screen. The idea can stand in front of the mirror, follow the trainer's instructions displayed behind the reflection, you can always see that you practice. This is in contrast to the fact that you have your cell phone and you have to watch classes and trains in the living room because you are your own TV. The price of the device is 1,495 dollars. Yes, it is. It is very expensive. This will give you a heart rate monitor running through your chest and resistance band. The monthly content subscription fee is $ 39.

Since this unit has a built-in speaker, you do not need to connect external audio, but you can connect via Bluetooth. The problem is that Spotify Premium has to play music. Classes will automatically load playlists, but users can exchange playlists as they wish. Also, a 5 megapixel integrated camera that is subject to privacy protection is at the top. This will only be used if the user is paying for a personal training session.

Mirror creates classes at a studio born in New York. In the studio, the instructor can see the participants during the class of the students and call it concretely. The company clearly wants to make similar friendship among students. The user can react also in pictograms during class. Mirror not only displays the trainer on the screen, it also displays the user's heart rate and calories.

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Released live fitness class competing with $ 1,500 Mirror, Peloton and ClassPass

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