Repairing an iPhone XS Max will cost $150 more than buying a new iPhone 7

Starting at $ 1,999 iPhone XS Max is the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever sold. Therefore, repair costs are higher than all iPhone repair costs. This is not surprising: Apple devices are expensive and repair costs are also very expensive. However, looking at the numbers, they become particularly ridiculous as they were found when looking at the repair price page for the updated Apple service.

Before proceeding, it is important to note that AppleCare + is a smart purchase if you can significantly reduce repair costs and tend to abandon expensive devices. If you do not have AppleCare + and the one-year limited warranty expires, Apple will repair "other damages" of iPhone XS Max at $ 599.

Here, we show the part with this point of view. From this week, Apple has lowered the price of iPhone 8 2017 to $ 599. In other words, if your cell phone goes out of warranty, you will pay exactly the same amount of dollars to purchase the new iPhone 8. It is even ridiculous to think that iPhone 7, which is a superior mobile phone two years later, is $ 449. It is cheaper than $ 150 to repair iPhone XS Max.

Each iPhone comes with a warranty and AppleCare + charges are $ 9.99 per month for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Therefore, you will not be charged for $ 600. The fact that it is possible is said to be a bit difficult to believe. Even with out-of-warranty screen repair, the cost of XS Max is $ 329.


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