Report: Apple Stores are having problems with iPhone and Apple pickups worldwide

by MacRumors Apple stores around the world are experiencing technical problems when ordering at stores for customers. According to this report, people who book apps for iPhone and Apple devices were asked to cancel reservations and purchase instead of store inventory.

This problem seems to be related to Apple's POS system. According to several reports, there are reports that a complete system crash, Apple stores are actually unavailable, but according to other reports, only the pre-order and order by the iPhone upgrade program .

The pictures of the customer line on the Apple Store are published on social networks, but it is obviously not clear whether it is simply a general line of the iPhone or people waiting for problems with the system.

In addition, this morning, Apple sent an email to customers who are booking iPhone. This indicates that their order was delayed by the "logistics" problem. Apple has not mentioned anything about the extent of the problem and what the affected customer should do. If you're making an appointment for iPhone or Apple that you plan to recover tonight, your only move at the moment seems to be calling a physical store and watching what they are suggesting .

Image source: ARMANDO BABANI / EPA-EFE / REX / Shutterstock


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