Report sheds light on why the iPhone XR won’t launch until the end of October

Last year, Apple's flagship product iPhone X (iPhone X) was released in early November in one and a half months since the iPhone 8 model was released. This year I heard rumors that Apple launched mass production earlier than usual to simultaneously launch three new iPhone models and avoid delays. Sadly, this year's release bug attacked Apple again as the iPhone XR likely to be the most popular iPhone model is unlikely to be available until the end of the month last week. & # 39; October.

The release date of the iPhone XR is surprising to many people, as perhaps a more sophisticated technology that requires a more complicated assembly process is installed in the XS model. It is reasonable to think about the reason why iPhone XR is released later than iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. In fact, the answer is quite simple: Apple's manufacturing partners already have one year device manufacturing experience with Rimless OLED display. The iPhone XR's LCD screen has almost no borders and presented a unique series of challenges.

Touch this point, Hatsuko I recently talked to IDC's Ryan Reith, who said Apple must solve the last software problem facing problems related to screen quality and production of the panel itself.

Everything we heard is a software problem. Many software is involved in the LCD [LCD display] With notch and fullscreen Apple could not get enough of these screens. The manufacturer of the contact has the latest problem.

In short, the LCD screen on iPhone XR is the obvious cause of delay. When home appliances are placed on the shelves of the store, we hope consumers will be able to get enough supplies to choose the exact model they want, no matter what color you choose. . The iPhone XR pre-order starts on October 19th before the official launch on October 26th.

Image source: Apple Inc.


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