Researchers label Australian data-sharing legislation a significant misalignment

The research team at the University of Melbourne calls the data sharing law proposed by the government "serious misalignment" and is afraid not to recognize or protect the individual's basic rights to privacy and public data.

Remarks come from submission [PDF] Thesis-specific thesis on the Australian government's data sharing and dissemination laws held for consultation in July.

They now state that the goals set in the "goal test" for data sharing do not respect the minimum rights of individuals, but prefer the perceived property.

He said the "agreement" does not appear in this proposal, it is the central principle of best practice for the protection of privacy, but it shows important misalignment. "

This proposal reaffirmed the data from the Medicare Benefit Schedule and Medicare Benefit Scheme in September 2016, provisional professor Dr. Chris Culnane, Benjamin Rubinstein, the same research team published in the December record of about 2.9, Millions of Australians were potentially redefinable with the same dataset written by Dr. Vanessa Teague.

Their submission suggests that neither data releases nor laws exist isolatedly, suggesting that the government will consider the improvement of the privacy law by adopting the provision of GDPR as one extra.

Reference: The impact of European GDPR on Australian organization

"The other measures take the risk of being counterproductive by weakening the protection and inadequate rights of citizens and consumers," the statement said.

Researchers are afraid that the government focuses on the entities that gathered data and suggests that the type and nature of the collected data is at the center of concern.

"Entities that collect confidential data such as medical data should be excluded from the default sharing and distribution agreement and such data should only be shared when the data subject gives consent, The consent can be withdrawn at any time by adopting the dynamic acceptance approach.

The federal government announced that it will reform Australia's data system and will invest 65 million Australian dollars in an initiative such as a new strain of influenza in May.

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