Researchers take the first steps towards telepathy

Massachusetts [United States]October 1: After all, it may be scientifically true that our heart is true. Researchers have constructed a system called BrainNet that enables the actual exchange of thinking among the brains.

A pioneer of BrainNet was a tool for researchers at the University of Washington to connect two people via the brain and brain interface in 2015. In his contemporary avatar, Engadget said BrainNet allows three people to participate in the conversation using the brain brain network.

Using BrainNet, participating groups can play Tetris type collaborative games. The network uses a combination of brain waves to record electrical activity and uses transcranial magnetic stimulation to transmit information.

What distinguishes it from telepathy is that BrainNet needs external intervention. Only one bit of data can be transmitted at a time. However, with progress, we can expand to convey more complex thinking throughout the group.

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