Review: SendPulse service

SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform for businesses that allows users to launch marketing campaigns based on bulk email, SMS, web-push, and SMTP, etc. What makes this service model attractive to clients? The simple answer is these three components: functionality, deliverability, and of course, price.

Let’s start our guide. Look what you can do with SendPulse.

Launch email campaigns

The functionality includes these main features:

·        Personalization and Segmentation

These are two steps in making your email messages relevant.

  • With personalization you will address subscribers by name, avoiding spam filters.
  • Segmentation allows you to divide your email list into groups by age, gender, name, date of birth, company, position, and interests and makes customer-oriented offers for every audience.
  • Responsive email templates

You don’t have to know HTML code to create a professional, responsive branded email template easily and quickly. The SendPulse drag and drop email editor has a wide range of design options. The main options include changing colors, images, and fonts.

Every template that you create looks great on any screen size and in all the major email clients: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and others.

Moreover, SendPulse’s designers have already developed over 100 ready-made responsive layout templates on different topics, such as e-commerce, holidays, restaurants, business, travel, healthcare, education, and everything in between. You just have to change the images and text.


  • Automated sending of emails (series of emails)

This function is useful for creating trigger-based emails like subscription confirmation, welcome emails, congratulation emails for holidays, reactivation emails, and others.

Create two, three, or even four emails, and they will be sent automatically with conditions that you define. They can be sent out when subscribers click on a particular link or after any trigger you specify.

Automated sending saves you time because you can create all emails of the series in advance and just set the time of sending beforehand.1_automated-series

  • Resending to unopened emails

Email marketing experts found that resending to unopened emails could increase the email reach by 54.7 percent. You can increase the open rate of your mailings by resending the same email to subscribers who had not opened your previous message. Just set another subject line and time of sending. The resent email, after all, looks like a newly received email in the subscriber’s inbox. Moreover, this function in SendPulse works on the free plan account.

  • Subscription form generator

It takes several minutes to create the desired subscription form for your site. The SendPulse subscription form generator allows you to choose the form width, form elements, and background color. All changes that you make are displayed at the right side of the generator. When the HTML code is saved, place it in one of your web pages so that the form will appear on your website.


  • Split-testing (A/B testing)

The best way to know what tactic is more effective in your email is to compare different versions of the same mailing. A/B testing allows you choose the variant with the best delivery rates, open rates, and click-throughs.

The SendPulse service enables you to test any part of your letter, including:

  • the email subject;
  • the preheader;
  • the location of the text;
  • the font and size of the text;
  • the text and design of the call to action; and
  • The number of links.

Also, with split testing, you’ll learn what your subscribers prefer: video or text, images or GIF animation.

To create an A/B test, click the menu “A/B tests “Create an A/B test” on your personal dashboard.


  • Integrations catalog

This is always updated with new third-party systems. SendPulse’s integrations allow you to send mailings from your business projects, integrating email service into your CRM system or CMS.  One of the main integrations that is present in the service is Zapier. Through integration aggregator Zapier, it is now possible to integrate practically all services.

  • A mobile app makes things much easier

A mobile app is developed for situations when you’re away from a desktop or laptop and are using a smartphone or tablet. Its capabilities include:

  • adding subscribers to mailing lists;
  • sending emails; and
  • checking the results of email campaigns.
  • API for developers

The SendPulse API interface has a range of opportunities that you can implement in your personal business projects.


  • Detailed statistics

Before setting objectives that can be expressed through higher open rates, click-throughs, and making emails more engaging, you need to do a detailed examination of your previous email metrics.

In SendPulse, you can track these metrics by forming a statistics report and subscriber activity chart. With these metrics you can track:

  • the number of sent emails;
  • the number of delivered emails;
  • the number of errors;
  • unique opens;
  • unique clicks;
  • how many email subscribers marked the mailing as spam; and
  • the number of unsubscribes, and so on.

The service allows you to track the number of emails opened in particular countries and the number of unique clicks on each link or image in your letter.


Tracking all these metrics is useful to know how you’re progressing toward your email marketing’s goal.

SMTP service

You can fully integrate the SendPulse server into your CMS, CRM, or other system and send mailings to subscribers of your own online system.

The following list includes the main functions of SMTP service:

  • It increases your sender reputation level
  • It allows you to send out a large volume of mailings in a very short amount of time
  • SendPulse SMTP enables you to verify ownership of your sending domains by adding the special records SPF and DKIM

Web-Push Notifications

Sending web-push notifications drives visitors back to your website. You can send a short message about news, sales, order status, or events and your subscribers will receive them on any device they use, whether it be desktop or mobile. Also, web-push notifications are readable on the main major platforms: Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Please note that this function in SendPulse is totally free for any plan!



Sending SMS campaigns is possible at a speed of 200-500 SMSs per second on over 800 networks in over 200 countries around the world. You can set the schedule for sending SMSs at a particular time and date. Among other things, it’s possible to use personalization by means of adding recipients’ names and other personal information to each SMS.

Free plan is available in SendPulse

Those companies that start to exploit email marketing from the very beginning can try these free plans:

  • If you have less than 2,500 subscribers, send up to 15,000 newsletters per month absolutely for free
  • You can test the SMTP service with the first 12,000 emails for free
  • SendPulse web-push notifications are totally free

Of course, with time, more and more subscribers will join your email list, and you should think of upgrading to a paid account. In SendPulse you can choose one of the following plans that suit you better for your business:

  • Payment for a monthly subscription that lets you select the number of subscribers and emails you need
  • Payment for every mailing you send

We tried to collect the full range of SendPulse functions here in our guide and hope you find it helpful. You can test it on your own and share your experience with us.

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