Baby Monitor for iPhone: Review And Features

Baby Monitor for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Baby Monitor for iPhone Review

It really works – no matter how far away from your baby, you will receive an SMS as soon as the scream is detected.

Simple and easy-to-use 2 in 1 Baby Monitor app in AppStore! Receive text messages when your baby is awake, or monitor sleep with the iDevice camera in live mode. Just enter the phone number you want to send text to, and you will be alerted when your baby is awake.

You no longer have to buy the baby monitor devices. Just download this free app to your iDevice and monitor your baby's sleep by receiving SMS or live video streaming.

It has never been so easy!

Main features of Baby Monitor:

– Easy to set up.
– Be forewarned, even on the 1st generation mobile phone.
– Live video streaming of your baby's sleep
– Turn on the flashlight from the paired device when the light in your baby room is low
– Possibility to switch off Lullabies and White Noise

The steps to set up the phone call mode are pretty simple:

– Insert the contact number or add it from your phonebook
– Check the noise level on the indicator and set the threshold accordingly
– Select Noise duration
– ON the super feature that alerts you when the battery life is less than 25%

Step to set up the video monitor much easier:

– Connect to another iOS device with Wi-Fi connection
– Choose The Best place for babies unit

And here you go!

Get this 2 in 1 app and do not forget to leave us your positive feedback.


1. Leave the charger connected or "Battery Life Alert" turned on;

2. We recommend Do Not Disturb mode to avoid incoming voice calls and warnings on the baby device;
– Settings> Do Not Disturb> Manual – ON
– Settings> Do not disturb> Calls from – do not allow anyone
– Settings> Do Not Disturb> Repeated Calls – Disabled
– Settings> Do not disturb> SILENCE – Always
3. It is important to keep the app active, it will not work in background mode.

The app offers additional paid features that can be purchased either through a one-time in-app purchase or through a monthly in-app subscription.

The monthly subscription costs $ 0.99 (or equivalent) and automatically renews each month, unless you cancel it from your iTunes account.

For more information, see the terms and conditions below

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