Baby Names Generator Pro+: Review And Features

Description of Baby Names Generator Pro+ Review

My Baby Names + has everything you need and wants to help with your naming conflict! With over 50,000 baby names to choose from and a user-friendly interface, it's The Best and most complete tool to find new names or learn everything you need to know to name your baby!

* Thousands of boys and girls names from over 90 different origins, from traditional to modern, common or unusual.
* Detailed information provided for each name: origin, meanings, gender, popularity and more!
* Graphically illustrate the evolution of the popularity of each name over the years.
* Powerful search for any criteria you want: Name starts with & Ends with, Gender, Origin, Meaning.
* Fun random baby generator: choose baby names randomly from the top list.
* Add names to your favorites list and share them by e-mail.
* Add a second first or last name to each name in your favorites list.
* Add your own, custom name.

Download The Best baby name app now! My Baby Names + is exactly what you need!

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