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Battery Toolkit – Power Charge Life & Unit Convert: Review And Features

Description of Battery Toolkit – Power Charge Life & Unit Convert Review

Battery Guru is a handy app with many simple tools: Battery Booster, Flashlight, Ruler and System Status Monitor.

Battery Booster is a tool that displays the current battery level of your iPhone or iPod Touch with a percentage and a circle indicator.

It also displays the time remaining in hours and minutes for the most common usage scenarios for your device:
– Stand by
– Internet (Wifi)
– Internet (mobile network)
– conversation (3G)
– Speaking (2G)
– Video
– Audio

Flashlight turns your iPhone (iTouch) into a really bright LED flashlight.
The strobe and blink modes are also supported.

Memory – wired, active, inactive and free memory
Storage (Disk) – used and free disk space
Process Information – List all running processes
Network – IP and MAC addresses, host name and Wi-Fi, 2G / 3G support features
Operating system and hardware

unit conversion
With unit conversion, you can convert area, angle, currency, data, density, energy, force, length, mass, mileage, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, volume, flow and more …
You can even quickly and easily create your own unit conversions for anything you want.


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