Complete Anatomy for iPhone: Review And Features

Complete Anatomy for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Complete Anatomy for iPhone Review

The world's most advanced 3D Anatomy Atlas platform is now available for the iPhone in exquisite detail. This optimized version of Complete Anatomy allows you to explore our spectacular 3D model.

Experience the skeletal system and 7 layers of connective tissue in full 3D! Choose any structure to learn all about it. Familiarize yourself with our smooth interface – quickly isolate a body region for instant focus. Sign up to access our cloud-based features and even better tools.

* Full version upgrade *
With a single in-app purchase, you get access to more than 7,100 structures, 12 complete body systems, and an extensive library of reference material created by subject matter experts. As a Companion app for Complete Anatomy of 2022 + Courses, you also have full access to all your groups and their full library of classes, screens, records, and quizzes. Please note: Users can only view content created in Complete Anatomy of 2022 + Courses for iPad, Mac or other platforms. Complete Anatomy for iPhone does not support direct content creation.

Ready for the future of anatomical learning? A full version upgrade brings anatomy into real 3D through your iPhone! The AR functionality immediately expands the entire model or any selected structure onto a surface.

Complete Anatomy for iPhone with Upgrade includes The Best features of Complete Anatomy of 2022 + courses in a highly mobile anatomy revision tool:

* Explore whole-body systems. Turning individual layers of each system on and off to clearly see every single structure in every system in the body.

* Control each structure individually. Hide, fade or isolate with just a tap; Get detailed information for each structure, including a detailed description and breadcrumb trail, to easily capture related structures.

* Access additional details about each system. Look at the exact points of origin and insertion throughout the model, or parts and surfaces directly above the bone.

* See whole muscles in motion. Visualize muscle movements for a deeper understanding of how multiple systems of the body work together.

* Experience every facility of the model in augmented reality for a clear idea of ​​the size and relational scale of the organs in the body. (iPhone 6S or higher, with iOS 11)

* Dive into courses (in-app purchase) created by top experts from leading universities at your leisure.

Transform your on-the-go medical learning with Complete Anatomy for iPhone!

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