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Dell empowers countries, communities, clients and other people in every single place to make use of technology to understand their goals. Customers trust Dell, to ship technology options that help them do and achieve more, whether or not they’re at home, work, college or wherever in their world. Learn more about their story, purpose and people behind Dell, customer-centric approach. A leading PC producer, founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. Initially promoting under the “PCs Limited” brand, Dell was the primary to legitimize direct sales of PCs by mail order and to supply high-quality telephone support. It was also the first main producer to pre-load applications chosen by the client. After more than 20 years in 2007, of direct sales, Dell also expanded into the great retail channel, and yes this is for the first time, people would see, The Best Dell products.

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The Birth of A Company

You know at age 19, the smart kid Michael Dell founded PC’s Limited with $1,000 and a game-changing vision for the way technology needs to be designed, manufactured and sold.

  • 1984 – As a pre-med freshman at the College of Texas at Austin, Michael begins a new computer enterprise under the name of PC’s Limited.
  • 1985 – Dell designs and built their first computer.
  • 1986 – Dell builds the fastest computer of the industry.
  • 1987 – First International subsidiary in the United Kingdom.
  • 1989 –  Dell launched their first Laptop.
  • 1992 –  Michael becomes the first CEO of Dell
  • 1993 – Dell joins the rank of top 5 computer system worldwide
  • 1997 – Dell launches its Precision line of workstations 
  • 1999 – By the end of the year, Dell knows as the No. 1 PC in the U.S., and also No. 1 PC for large and medium businesses and No. 1 in worldwide workstation shipments.

Dell is an early head of social media and leads the whole industry with free product recycling. By the late 2000s, the corporate takes a recent have a look at the quickly changing industry and responds with a new business technique to address the end-to-end IT wants of its customers.

  • 2002 – Dell launched the Power Edge.
  • 2003 – Dell upgraded their printers and made them better.
  • 2004 – In just a few years Dell become the 3rd largest computer manufacturing company.
  • 2005 – Dell tops the list of in American Top Magzine
  • 2006 – First industry to offer free product recycling.
  • 2008 – Dell launches its first Modular Data Center a mobile, self-contained data center optimized for cloud-computing applications.
  • 2009 – Dell enters the smartphone market with the Mini 3i from China Mobile.
  • 2010 – Dell is ranked as No. 1 healthcare information technology services provider in the world.
  • 2012 – Trade analysts acknowledge their strategic evolution and power in PCs, the information center, software, and services. Gartner positions Dell as a chief in 11 Magic Quadrant reports.
  • 2013 – Dell is No. 1 in worldwide PC monitor shipments for the first time in six years.
  • 2015 – Dell the world’s No. 1 recycler of e-waste and the first in their industry to use recycled plastics in the manufacture fo the brand new PCs and displays

Dell Products

  • Dell Laptops
  • Dell Desktop
  • Dell Mobile
  • Alienware
  • Dell PowerConnect
  • Dell PowerEdge
  • Dell Printer

Now a personal firm, Dell accelerates its long-term progress technique and focuses with a single-minded purpose on customers. We Hope So After Reading ‘Dell Wiki’ Mostly You Know all About Dell, Stay Tuned For More Updates Related To Dell.

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