EMF Meter Free Utility for iPod, iPhone: Review And Features

EMF Meter Free Utility for iPod, iPhone: Review And Features

Description of EMF Meter Free Utility for iPod, iPhone Review

Get the most modern EMF app in the store
Impress your friends or colleagues with this innovative technology.

Turn your iPhone into an electromagnetic field tester (EMF) meter.
By using the internal compass hardware. You can view the raw data of the magnetic fields that are around you on a digital display.

Record your results with our new feature "Readings Log"
In-app email – Send your metrics while you continue to use this app.
Scientists, teachers, students, engineers, ghost hunters, all use EMF gauges to detect magnetic fields of all kinds.

Now iPhone 3G (S) & iPhone (4) owners can also be free!
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-The strength of the magnetic force fields on all three axes (x, y, z) recognize
-Magnetic force is calculated in microteslas (μT)
– Record your readings with a time and date stamp for each event.
-Pause Magnetic measurements with the button (clock). To do a reading for an experiment.

Version 2.2
Added locations to the backup log.
This can be viewed in the log or a brand new map view.
This function was requested by the geological research group.

Version 2.0
Settings are now available.
– Deactivate / activate car sleep
– Reading the calibration
– threshold for measured values
– Alarm for measured values
– reading interval / timer
With unlocked settings, you have full control over sensor and data logging.
Instructions for the settings are included in the information view.

The observed size is the strength or size of the magnetic vector in microteslas (μT).

Please respect and respect the iPhone user manual and warranty if you want to use your iPhone as a scientific device. We are not responsible for any damage that you or other forces of nature may cause to your device.

Please leave a good rating if you like this app. We are happy to hear from our customers. If you have any suggestions for improvement, use our link in the App Store under Customer Support.

Visit us at https://www.HamwayApps.net

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