FaxFile – send FAX for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of FaxFile – send FAX for iPhone Review

Send a fax from the iPhone or iPad. Fax documents including PDF documents or images from your iPhone or iPad to any fax number in the US / Canada and many international locations. Send faxes from an iPhone by simply selecting a document and entering the fax number.

Fax both toll-free and non-toll-free numbers.

Simultaneously fax multiple files (documents) to multiple fax recipients.

Search Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Apple iCloud Drive directly for fax-compatible documents.

FaxFile supports sending PDF and Microsoft Office Word documents (.doc or .docx) by fax. Fax images can also be sent – allowing you to fax images from your iPhone, iPad or iTouch camera.

FaxFile supports the use of a fax number from an iPhone contact or the entry of fax numbers for a one-time fax.

Also supports direct image capture (scan) and document transfer from a variety of applications.

FaxFile automatically repeats and repeats faxes that do not go through initially – no extra charge and you do not have to do anything.

You must purchase fax credit through the app to send a fax. Fax credits can not be fully or partially refunded.

NOTE: For international faxes, check the price in the application before purchasing credit to ensure that your countries are supported.

If a fax does not go through, call the number and make sure that a fax machine is actually answering. This is the number one problem with failed faxes. Do not rely on "of course the fax machine works".

Faxing image files (photos of documents) may take a while to send as a fax. If you are sending a scan file or an image file (photo), have it faxed for 1-3 minutes per page.

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