Find My Family & Friends Phone: Review And Features

Find My Family & Friends Phone: Review And Features

Description of Find My Family & Friends Phone Review

99check is the world's leading app for locating places that connects you with your friends and family. Checking your loved ones is fast, easy and battery friendly.

Use 99check for free for:

* Share your location in real time
* Check the time your location is approved
Receive real-time notifications when family or friends arrive or leave home or at school
* Check in with a selfie
* Display the battery level of all phones
* Receive automatic notifications when members leave an area
* Use Google Maps, Google Maps, and Waze to get directions to the location of others
* Save more battery life compared to other locator apps

Join thousands of friends and families who rely on 99check every day to stay connected and stay safe.

Disclaimer: This app can also use your location when it is not open, reducing the battery life of the device. But do not worry, our advanced algorithm uses a very small battery by hibernating GPS when it is not needed.

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