Best Flash Light – Flashlight: Review And Features

Best Flash Light – Flashlight: Review And Features

Description of Best Flash Light – Flashlight Review

* Best front camera flash with video zoom *

* Fastest front camera zoom light *

Do not wait! Get The Best front camera Zoom Light!

Get the brightest, fastest and most feature rich front light with video camera zoom for the iPhone on the market !!! The app uses the front camera light on the iPhone as a camera light and then allows zooming! You can also set a timer so that the light goes out even after a few minutes. You can also use the zoom flash of your camera with extra light. There are many ways you can use a camera light.

Is a front camera a must have for an iPhone? Yes Yes Yes!!!

* Special feature: light + video zoom view
We have added a special video view to the light! When would that be useful? Suppose you replace the light bulb in the backyard and read the lamp voltage in the dark. Turn on the app, turn on Camera Light & Video and Viola. Not only will you have light, but you will also be able to zoom in and see the exact voltage of the bulb that you replace from the phone.

* How can you use the front light? Let's count the ways!
– Set Light Timer – Light up room for a few minutes.
– Use it to open doors in low light
– Find things in your purse
– Find your keys in the dark
– Read in the dark
– Replace backyard pear at night
– walk to your car at night
– During a power failure
– hiking or outdoors
– SOS during emergencies

– Instant On Light when app is activated
– front light with video (must have)
– Flash effect with speed control
– Clap for light on / off control
– Flip device on / off control
– Several tap light on / off
– Energy saving light
– Set custom light timing
– Battery indicator

* An example where you can use the light with zoom feature is if you want to read the label on the back of the washer and dryer to replace a part. Just switch on the light and video view and then read the label from the app. These are just two of thousands of different incidents that the front light with zoom could be useful.

User reviews:
1) It works like a charm. No advertising. Many features and it's free!

2) Great app. Impressive. I love the clap-off feature.

3) Best flash ever

Many more great reviews, see below 🙂 Thank you for your support and use of the app.

Extended use of the light will quickly drain your battery.

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