Flashlight ⊜: Review And Features

Description of Flashlight ⊜ Review

Flashlight ⊜ has been awarded as THE FREE APP # 1 in the entire APP Store! Want The Best Flashlight App for your iPhone? That's it!

With thousands of 5-star reviews … Flashlight ⊜ was developed and perfected to become the # 1 Flashlight App for iPhone & iPod users!

Flashlight ⊜ is The Best and ONLY flashlight app you'll ever need on your iPhone or iPod!

Put it on your home screen … you'll use it all the time!

"Really a 5 star application"

Why is this flashlight app the # 1?

-FASTEST reaction to time at startup
– FAST flashlight and strobe
ADJUSTABLE Brightness Control (iOS 6.0 and above only)
-SPEED Adjustable strobe rate
-SOS EMERGENCY Mode – Send distress signals via Morse code
Lock screen feature prevents accidental touches
-UNIVERSAL user interface design

Other features include:
-Hi-Res Retina Display Graphics
-Functions all on one screen – DO NOT swipe any page or to activate functions
-Hi-Res Retina Home Screen ICON designed so you can turn on your light immediately
– Carefully tested to work PERFECT every time, all the time
-Battery Level Indicator remains visible so you can monitor your battery life
-Easy design works flawlessly!

Disclaimer: Continuous use of the iPhone and iPod camera flash light can reduce battery life – pay attention to your battery indicator. Caution: The stroboscag feature may cause epileptic seizures in people who react to flash. DO NOT aim the flashlight at anyone's face. Emergency SOS mode not a life-saving device.

"Simply The Best flashlight app ever !!!"

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