FltPlan Go for iPhone: Review And Features

FltPlan Go for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of FltPlan Go for iPhone Review

FltPlan Go is the indispensable companion of FltPlan.com. Because FltPlan Go integrates with FltPlan.com, it automatically syncs schedules and NavLogs with your device, along with weight and balance profiles, eLogbook profiles, and checklists for offline and in-flight use.

• Create and archive your flight plan on FltPlan.com and it will sync with FltPlan Go so you can edit the flight plan on the map accordingly
• NavLogs are automatically synced and downloaded for offline use
• Create and save your flight plan on FltPlan Go to sync with FltPlan.com

FltPlan Go provides powerful routing, weather, mapping capabilities and comprehensive flight information, including:


• Airport and FBO information including current fuel prices
• Georeferenced Approach Plates and Airport Charts (U.S. & Canada)
• Weather, including METARs, TAFs, PIREPs and MOS
• NOTAMs & Remarks


• Sync FltPlan.com schedules and interactively edit on the map
• Save a flight plan from FltPlan Go
• Move maps with sectionals, enroute charts, and more
• overlay approach plates and procedures on the map
• Layers including SUAs, TFRs, State Outline, Airports, Fuel Prices, CAP Grid, Stages and Customs
• Display METARs, Winds, SIGMETs and animated weather on the map
• Display MOS weather forecasts (up to 4 days) on the map
• Breadcrumbs with improved playback and option to open in Google Earth
• Display search and rescue patterns
• Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)
• Create or import custom waypoints in KML or CSV format
• Overlay ADS-B Traffic & Weather or XM Weather *


• NavLogs are automatically synced and downloaded for offline use
• E-mail or print NavLogs within FltPlan Go


• Weight & Balance – Create calculations with the option to email
• eLogbook – Create logbook entries to synchronize with our eLogbook program
• Checklists – synchronized by FltPlan.com for your specific aircraft
• Folders – Create flight-specific folders containing documents or procedures, airports, NavLogs, weather maps, and more
• Weather – search airport or route weather
• Tracking – show live tracking
• PDCs
• Cloud tops
• Flight computer
• Access to FltPlan.com


• Garmin
• Dynon SkyView
• Advanced flight systems
• Avidyne IFD series
• DAC International GDC64

• Garmin
• Stratus 3
• Dual XGPS 170/190
• Dynon D2
• free flight
• Boy Scout
• iLevil SW
• L-3 Lynx
• SkyGuard
• Stratux
• FlightBox
• PingBuddy
• clarity
• Custom unit

• Garmin GDL 51 & GLO
• Double XGPS 150
• Bad elf

• Garmin pilot
• Satcom directly
• Jeppesen Mobile FD 2.7

• X-plane simulator
• FSX & Prepar3D

* Subscription / unit required
* Continued use of GPS in the background can drastically reduce battery life.

FltPlan has become the largest flight planning company in North America. FltPlan covers the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Panama and parts of Venezuela and Colombia. FltPlans 165,000-plus active, registered users file more than 55% of all N # -registered flight schedules. FltPlan Go is part of FltPlan's comprehensive system of free web-based flight planning and storage and a full suite of premium services. FltPlan has more than 18 years of general aviation experience, providing pilots with access to The Best support team in the industry.

24/7 FltPlan Go Support is available at Tech@FltPlan.com

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