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November 20, 2016
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Google Home

The Google Assistant was the massive news from the company’s I/O conference earlier this year. However, it took months for Google’s true Siri competitor to arrive. First, it was baked into the largely unnecessary Allo chat app, after which it confirmed up as a flagship focus on the new Pixel phones. Now Google Home is shipping, installing the Assistant a voice command away even when your phone is in your pocket.

Its motivation is obvious: The $129 Home instantly takes on the Amazon Echo. Indeed, many of the features here are identical. However, Google is betting that the vast amount of information it shops, combined with the vast amount of information it is aware of about its customers, can make for a more useful product. It’s an affordable notion.


Google Home

Unlike the Amazon Echo, Google Home option for a more attractive design that permits it to blend into wherever it’s positioned – without being too obstructive in the method, or clashing with different décor lying around. It’s a stark contrast to the hard-liners of the very unique speaker design of the Amazon Echo. That’s a good thing, mainly more so when you favor a more homely styling, as opposed to how our electronic can be pervasive and overrun our spaces.

It’s small in size and features a peculiar looking shape, one that may be mistaken for one of these Glade air fresheners you might get throughout a home. Including to its inviting and warm design, the bottom part of the Google Home that’s shielding its array of speakers features a mesh-like fabric, which does a better job we feel in complementing your furniture. And if you need some customization, the base can be swapped out for different colors to match the ambiance of the place it’s going to be positioned.

Software and Performance

Google Home

You’re going to want to download the new Google Home app to join it to your home network initially, and finally, it’s also the hub that permits us to link various providers to it. Being a Google product and any, the re’s no shock at all that it integrates seamlessly with most of Google’s providers. Which means watching a YouTube video, playing songs via Google Play Music on your TV via Chromecast, and supporting all the power of Google Assistant. Anybody that has used the Google Pixel will understand Google Assistant’s effectiveness in delivering relevant actions and solutions, so the re’s nothing out of the ordinary right here with Google Home.

Impressively sufficient, Google Home’s far-field microphones do a superb job of recognizing our voice – even whereas it’s playing music. It’s correct in deciphering “Okay Google” even while it’s playing tunes on excessive volume, and it then proceeds to decrease the volume to listen to our voice command.

The competition

Google Home

When you’ve made it this far, it should be obvious who Google Home’s major competition is. Amazon’s Echo devices do time-tested and contain a vast quantity of third-party support at this level. Google Home underprices the full-size Echo ($129 vs. $180). However, the tiny and glorious Echo Dot only prices $50.

It comes down to how invested you’re in Google’s ecosystem and how reliable you can be. I have no difficulty that Home will see increased third-party support down the line, however, right now the choice is restricted.


Google Home

Google CEO Sundar Pichai needs to “build a personal Google for each and every user,” and the Google Assistant are key to that mission. However, it’s not there yet. Yes, Google Home is aware of some basic information about me. However, it doesn’t know fairly sufficient to make me feel like it’s my own personal Google. Nor does it have the third-party providers that’ll let me customize the device to fit my home and my wants. If I had some cooperative smart-home products and a handful of Chromecast devices, Google Home would be much more interesting. When you’re someone who loves tapping into Google’s mighty retailer of knowledge, don’t sleep on Google Home. Simply as the Echo got smarter and more priceless over time, I expect the identical will happen here. And when you’ve already purchased into Google’s ecosystem, this might indeed be the home assistant for you.

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