Hello, guys if want to know all about ‘HP Wiki‘ then yes you are on the right page, here we’re to present your full information about HP. HP vision is to create technology that makes life better for everybody, all over the place — each person, each group, and each community around the globe. This motivates  — inspires  — to do what HP do. To make what, thwy make. To invent, and to reinvent. To engineer experiences, that amaze. HP won’t stop pushing forward because you won’t stop pushing ahead. You’re reinventing how you work. The way you play. How you live. With their technology, you’ll reinvent your world. This is HP calling. This is a new HP.

Image source: techstory.in

Image source: tech story.in

History of HP

Two boys first one isBill Hewlett and the second one is Dave Packard they both became friends at Stanford College before forming a two-person company in a rented garage—the unique Silicon Valley startup. Working with restricted assets, the pair created a series of products—beginning with audio oscillators utilized by sound engineers—typically utilizing the Packard family oven to placed on finishing touches. Their efforts impressed Walt Disney Studios, considered one of our early customers, and set the course for a legacy of innovation and leadership. They both believed in making products that may make a difference for their clients.

They discovered their stride with a tool to measure sound frequencies: the resistance-tuned audio oscillator, which is the HP’s first product line. At Stanford in Professor Terman’s laboratory, Bill had completed graduate work on making use of the new idea of “destructive feedback” to an audio oscillator (a test instrument used to generate frequencies). Bill had the modern, elegant and sensible concept to add a small light bulb to behave as a destructive feedback element in the oscillator circuit. This solved the issue of easy methods to regulate the output of the circuit without causing distortion.

From Their old roots in a Palo Alto garage to its present place as one of many world’s main technology corporations, Hewlett-Packard has grown and developed significantly since its founding in 1939. See key milestones and moments from their historical past.

Some Important Dates

  • 1934 – Bill and Dave become friends
  • 1938 – Work begins and HP invents first product
  • 1939 – Name decided
  • 1940 – HP moves out of the garage and also donates first charity
  • 1956 –  HP’s first oscilloscopes
  • 1957 – HP goes public and HP has their new headquarters
  • 1959 – HP goes global
  • 1964 – HP’s announced their 1st CEO and President
  • 1996 – HP launched their first computer
  • 1974 – 1st programmable pocket calculator
  • 1978 – Bill retires as CEO
  • 1983 – HP introduces Touchscreen PC
  • 1984 – First laptop and also invents ThinkJet printing
  • 1988 –HP Deskjet launched
  • 1994 – World’s brightest LED
  • 2003 – Smart Cooling
  • 2004 – HP wins IEEE award
  • 2005 – HP acquires Snapfish and a print breakthrough
  • 2007 – TouchSmart introduced
  • 2011 – Next-generation data centers and also introduces wireless mouse
  • 2014 – HP plus Android for business
  • 2015 – LaserJet Re-engineered and launched a Detachable PC

Products of HP

  • Printers
  • HP Software products
  • Scanners
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phone
  • Pocket Computer
  • Desktop
  • Calculator
  • Notebook
  • Server

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