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Description of Icon Skins & Themes Review

High quality, original and unique wallpapers optimized for the iPhone. Every week you get high-quality, free, seasonal and thematic wallpapers for your device!

Download it once and get new, stylish themes and wallpapers for your iPhone / iPod with weekly free updates throughout your life. We are in the App Store since 2010.

Why is "Icon Skins" a must-have app?

1. We have focused on quality, not quantity.
2. This is not 10000, 20000 or 70000+ background app, where you need hours to find something really good and useful!
3. All wallpapers are designed for iPhone and iPod, which fits best with your app icons and you can read all app labels clearly!
4. Backgrounds are optimized for Retina Resolutions!
5. All backgrounds are unique and original!
6. Updates with BUNCH with new backgrounds are available weekly.

We know there are many background and home screen background applications in the App Store, but here are some reviews, please have a look:

I love it! These backgrounds are so much more useful than the others, where you get thousands of worthless ones. Many Thanks!"

"Cool app
I love this app! These are the only backgrounds I use! "

I love this app I like others, but these are far better !!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 "

Download "Icon Skins" to personalize your iPhone with different backgrounds!

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