iTorch Flashlight: Review And Features

Description of iTorch Flashlight Review

Fast, bright, easy to use and FREE. The coolest flashlight app for your iPhone. Improve the standard flashlight with new advanced features: Adjust the LED brightness, use it as a strobe light, or flash a sos signal.

Best unique features:
– Instant ON, fastest start time to help quickly
– Intuitive and elegant design with seasonal skins
– Integrated BRIGHTNESS control
– Built-in STROBE mode with adjustable frequencies
– Built-in SOS signal

The most downloaded flashlight in the world.

Here's what people have to say:
"No fun, it's the fastest I've tried! Really snappy :-)"
"It's light, has a dimmer and an on / off switch, 5 stars."
"Excellent. Faster than" flashlight. "Cleaner interface. Variable strobe light. SOS function."

Please note:
– Continuous use of the LED flash can shorten the life of the battery.
– This app can emit strobe light that could bother people with epilepsy. Use at your own risk. Pixelinlove assumes no liability for any medical damage caused by the misuse of this product.

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