jLight – Flashlight for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of jLight – Flashlight for iPhone Review

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Simple and without attitude! Just know what you want! Everything works just fine! That's why it's called "j" Light!


– LED light
• Intuitive and simple design, no accidental touch
• Fast on & small file size
• Adjustable LED brightness (iOS> = 6)
• Automatic shutdown of the screen after 5 minutes idling

– Screen lighting
• A pin for instant-on
• Real brightness change
• Red light for the astronomy activity
• Strobe & SOS (International Standard)
• Self-learning automatic shutdown

Detailed description:
Only 1 key to access:
• Tap to turn on and off.
• Tap and hold to light until enabled.
• Double-tap for strobe and SOS.

Light up very fast "every time" you start it! Other similar apps may tell you fast, but actually only since the 2nd start!

Attention! Continued use of the flash can drastically reduce battery life.

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