Joel Osteen for iPhone: Review And Features

Joel Osteen for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Joel Osteen for iPhone Review

Get the inspiration and encouragement of Joel Osteen on your iPhone! This app makes it easy to see Joel's messages in your schedule no matter where you are. You can start your day like a champion with daily devotions, roam through a selection of inspirational credentials, or search Joel's event schedule. Plus, get Joel's Broadcast deals, great local churches and more at your fingertips.

God does not want you to survive, he wants you to thrive! Learn about every circumstance with the message of faith, hope and strength of Joel Osteen.

** To access all features of the app, tap the "Menu" button in the upper left corner.

** To hear messages with the screen locked, follow these steps:

1. Start the message, and then tap the power button to lock the screen.
2. Tap the Home button twice to display the audio controls for the lock screen. Press the Playback button to resume audio playback.

Due to data usage, we recommend using WiFi or an unlimited data plan for advanced viewing or playback.

** If you encounter old or missing messages or devotions, go to the Settings tab and select "Refresh Content" to refresh these pages. Please note that new devotions are available on weekdays.

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