Kmart Pharmacy App for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Kmart Pharmacy App for iPhone Review

The Kmart Pharmacy App provides our patients with an easy and simple way to manage the recipes of their families on the go!

Features of our mobile app include:

• My prescriptions: View prescription details such as last fill date, expiration date, dosing instructions, and refill date.

• Alerts: Receive a text alert, push notification, or email when your recipe is ready or a refill is due. Select in the settings.

• Personalized Reminders: Remembering your medications can be difficult. Stay on the right track by setting up reminders to record and replenish your mediations as directed.

• Refill Now: quick and easy refills – just enter your recipe number!

• My doctors: Keep information about your doctor in one place – appointments, contact information, directions, and even room for personal notes.

• Family Accounts: Are you a caregiver for your family or friends? Manage all recipes from a single account.

• Pharmacy Locator: Get directions and opening hours for your nearest Kmart Pharmacy.

If you need help registering our app, please contact Customer Support at (866) 231-7123, send an SMS to HELP at 66926, or email

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