LG G4 Review

LG G4 Review

For starters, it is the successor to one of last year’s greatest smartphones, the LG G3 which was itself the successor to 2013’s best smartphone, the G2. However, that is only half of its problem. This year, the phone bar has been raised to incredible new heights by some drool worthy contenders.

Samsung decision to adopt metallic & glass, coupled with powerful innards, slick performance and among The Best smartphone cameras around, has actually left its S.Korean rival with a mountainous challenge.

LG is definitely up for the combat however, & its leather-clad LG G4, with its truckload of camera smarts, removable battery, and expandable storage, has lots to offer.

We spent enough time with an LG G4 sample to collect some initial impressions forward of our full in-depth overview, so let’s have a look at how it fares on our 1st date.

DesignLG G4 Review

Beginning out with a negative, for me, is the design. Here although, I am talking solely about the rear cover. LG provides both plastic & leather backs. Review samples – a minimum of within the United Kingdom – were despatched out with the plastic back. This’s a mistake, as a result of it lacks the attraction of LG real leather cover. It isn’t bad, however, this’s a premium phone that has to compete with the glass Galaxy S6 and the all-metal Apple iPhone.

It is value mentioning that anybody opting for the leatherback may also get a plastic case included within the box, so you may change around as you see fit.

The phone as an entire though is definitely superb indeed. The design has sufficient of LG’s unique touches to make a one thing price considering over a sea of other Android smartphones. The display screen still has a very minimal border on the left and right of the smartphone. Which means you get a big display screen, however without the necessity of so much phone to surround it. It is a space saving, & it additionally appears very impressive.

Just like the LG G2 and LG G3, LG has retained the rear-mounted volume controls. This’s excellent news because it is another a kind of features that no other firm thought of, however yet provides something to the phone. I use these for adjusting the volume in my pocket without taking the phone out while I am listening to music. I additionally find them helpful for adjusting the in call volume whereas I am talking too, which is their intended purpose.

LG has additionally added one other feature within the LG G4 for this rear control. Double press the down button quickly, & the camera will launch and snap a photo as shortly as it could check for a tag to focus on. It is a good idea, & while I did use it, it is not really fast sufficient. The wait, whereas short, signifies that if you are attempting to capture something happening quickly, then you’ll more than likely miss it. There is no actual solution to this, and the control retains its worth by giving a good way to get the digital camera while the phone is locked, with very little effort.

The LG G4 is also bigger than the LG G3. Because the again is now curved, it has some parts where it is less thick, however at its deepest it’s larger than the LG G3. It is additionally heavier too, which is a shame actually – especially given the reasonably modest specification enhancement & a battery that is the identical capacity as its predecessor.

The features Samsung killed offLG G4 Review

It was a matter of some pride for the firm, at the London launch of the phone, that it was capable of saying “we still have a detachable battery and microSD card. “ In fact, the firm stopped short of naming Samsung as the agency that has eliminated these options, however, it did not actually need to be mentioned our loud anyway.

Does the removable battery add anything? Yes, it type of does. Although on the downside it is a thicker phone for it, it does additionally mean you may replace it easily when it reaches the end of its life. Which may occur reasonably rapidly, as all batteries have a limited shelf-life. That may save you an expensive return to producer replacement that you’ve with Apple and Samsung.

With 32GB of onboard storage, most individuals would not have a massive problem with the capacity of the LG G4 anyway, however adding a microSD card is cheap, and can give you 128GB of additional storage. That’s a bonus worth having if you are somebody that likes to have lots of music or video with you when you travel. You may still move applications to the SD card too though from an efficiency perspective this is not an amazing idea as speeds suffer on microSD, which is why Google is not keen on permitting their use.

That is all something that power users say they need to retain, & if Samsung moves extra phones away from detachable batteries, then there is chance a few of these individuals will end up at LG’s door. In actuality, the Apple iPhone has had neither choice because it was launched, and it appears to sell in spite of that.

ScreenLG G4 Review

Here is where things that begin getting good with the  LG G4. LG has tweaked the LCD panel it uses in smartphones, & while it has not improved the resolution on this device, it has made adjustments that give a lot improved color reproduction and brightness. LG informed me that although it is calling the tech “quantum” it is not the identical as quantum dot displays found in TVs. However, it does have the identical effect on the display quality.

And the display screen is great. It is very bright – and it does this without taxing the battery significantly, which is important. You may see it exterior with ease & indoors it packs an impressive punch. The color saturation is also impressive too, which supplies you near-OLED levels of vivid color. I asked LG why it did not simply use an OLED panel in this phone, as it is the grasp of that technology, & it told me merely that it picks The Best panel for the job. On this case, the IPS LCD gives the perfect outcomes.

The Qualcomm 808 vs. the 810

There was a lot conversation about the lack of Snapdragon 810 in this handset, & some pointed to it as a failure of the new Qualcomm processor to keep up a sensible working temperature. In fact, Qualcomm disputes this and stated in an interview contributor Jay McGregor that LG ordered its processors for the LG G4 a very long time in the past, and that is one of the reasons it uses the 808, not the 810.

The spokesperson additionally stated that, in fact, the 808 is designed to drive the display resolution LG is utilizing within the LG G4, where the 810 is aimed at higher resolutions. That may indeed be true, & to be honest in my use it makes absolutely no noticeable distinction in speed. The LG G4 is as nippy as the LG Flex 2, which did make use of the newer chipset. Maybe the query isn’t, “why does the LG G4 use the 808” however rather, “why did LG trouble with the 810 within the G Flex 2”. Nonetheless, these are issues for techies and executives at LG to hammer out.

In terms of efficiency, there actually are no problems here at all. company has included 3GB RAM, after missing it off some variations of the LG G3, and that is an important factor in making the smartphone run properly. Sometimes I did have little stutters within the User Interface, however that was quite rare & I am instructed there will be an update to this phone because it goes on sale which can well address any remaining points. That is becoming extra common now, however the price we pay for early review samples is a take a look at a phone that may change ahead of its retail launch.

Compensating for the absence of fingerprint scannerLG G4 Review

I’ve hated the fingerprint scanner on a lot of the phones I have used, going way back to the Motorola Atrix. Only the Apple iPhone and Galaxy S6 have gotten this aspect of biometrics right so far. LG does not even bother, and I can see why because it uses its knock code to simplify unlocking your device whereas maintaining safety.

Knock code is excellent, you merely set a pattern which you tap on the lock screen, it is easier to remember than a PIN – at the least most individuals find it that way – and LG claims it is more secure than a easy pin too. With all the discussion that surround the obvious ease of hacking around fingerprints.

The other nice characteristic if knock code though is one that does not get talked about lots. With the screen off you may nonetheless tap the code on the screen, & the phone will unlock and drop you straight onto the last open app. This’s a timesaver, and a extremely great function.

CameraLG G4 Review

Again, that is an area where LG has massively improved the efficiency over the LG G3. The camera on the LG G4 is fairly superb really. 1stly, the app that runs the entire thing is among the better I have used. I like the truth that you may select easy, auto or manual. In manual mode you may adjust the exposure compensation, ISO and shutter pace manually. Usually I worry about handbook mode on phones, however right here I found it really very nice to use. I often shoot manually on my SLR, however there you do not get the complete preview on screen. On the LG G4 you may tweak the settings till you get what you need.

LG has retained the laser autofocus from the G3 too, however in addition it has added in a color sensor which it claims is ready to assist the camera stability colour completely and give you an image that LG says is created in the same way to the human eye. Actually, the outcomes could be excellent indeed. Colors are good and natural for one, and there is a lot of element within the pictures, without any of the softness you see on cheaper phones.

I did notice that sometimes the camera was quite badly affected by sunlight smearing throughout the lens. A few of the shots I took on a sunny day in London present this, however others don’t. It’s a troublesome one to pin down, however most photos appear fine.

Utilizing the manual mode worked finest for me though, the easy control meant I may override the camera’s idea of what was correctly exposed, and get a much more vivid image. That is great if you are feeling creative, however HDR mode provides you with nice outcomes too if you care to use it.

As with the LG Flex 2, the G4 has the identical automatic selfie mode for grabbing natural-looking photos of your self. Open the camera application, flip to the front camera & open and close your fist, whenever you do that the phone will depend down and snap your selfie. A new feature permits you to do the open and shutting of your fist twice, and get a series of 4 shots.

LG may be very proud of the camera within the G4, and I think it’s right to be. I do love the cameras within the Apple iPhone and Samsung S6 lots, however the LG appears to get the entire experience right, especially with the likeable application and easy to tweak settings.

Battery lifeLG G4 Review

The re’s not a lot wrong with the battery within the LG G4. It is obtained a decent capacity of 3000 mAh & I did not actually battle to make it final an entire day. I am a fairly intensive user of my phones, so if I could make it through the day, so can most different folks.

One of the main benefits of the S6 is its universal support for wireless charging, which is much extra useful than I’d ever have thought it might be. Now, I tend to have a wireless charger on my desk, by the bed & another within the kitchen. Out of the box, the LG G4 does not have a wireless charging back, though that may be added with a case at a later date. It isn’t clear if any of the plain backs may have wireless charging yet, however I suspect this may come in the future.

LG G4 technical specifications

TYPE: PhoneMODEL: H815MANUFACTURER: LGDIMENSIONS: 148.9 x 76.7 x 9.8 mmWEIGHT: 155gBATTERY SIZE: 3000mAhSCREEN SIZE: 5.5 inDISPLAY TECHNOLOGY: LCDSCREEN: 2560 x 1440 pixels (534 ppi)

FRONT CAMERA: 8 megapixels

REAR CAMERA: 16 megapixels


ANDROID VERSION: 5.1 – Lollipop




CHIPSET: Qualcomm Snapdragon 808




ConclusionLG G4 Review

If you are an LG G3 owner then the temptation to improve will be small for you. The LG G4 is a wonderful phone. But overall it is a tweaked LG G3 in many ways, & while that is no bad thing – the LG G3 remains to be one of my favorite Android phones – it does imply LG needs to put more into the G5.

The things the LG G4 adds, like the camera and User Interface  tweaks are all nice additions to the phone. LG reveals again with the LG G4 that it’s able to producing unique design and features with fantastic outcomes.

From what I’ve seen with this LG G4 review pattern, if this is your 1st time buying an LG, you are about to be impressed in methods you would not expect. If you have owned LG phones earlier than, then you will be pleased to know that is its best yet.

So, what the LG G4 offers is less glitz and glamour than the Samsung Galaxy S6 but it provides Android enthusiasts a phone that they’ll use as they wish, with customization options aplenty and a removable battery & microSD card.

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