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Math Wizard Grade 1 iPhone version: Review And Features

Description of Math Wizard Grade 1 iPhone version Review

The iPhone version 3.0 of the Math Assistant Grade 1 is one for the Best exercise and learning apps for children in class 1.
The app is very easy to use for children. The app generates endless exercises for children.

The tags covered are counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, ascending order, and more.
Children can play as free time or against a timer. Children are encouraged to play and learn. The app also stores results so that parents and teachers can see how the child is using the app.

Math Wizard class 1 contains two sections
Math Wizard class 1 session for iPhone contains interactive activities that help the child understand basic mathematical concepts

Math Wizard Grade 1 Exercises section contains the various interactive questions that are unlimited and give as much practice as possible.

Learn to count numbers through interactive activities
– Activity 1 (up to 20)
Numbers 2 (up to 50)
-Count with Abacus (up to 99)
-Payment on the number (up to 50)
Addition to 20
Subtraction (up to 20)
Multiplication (up to 10)
Division (up to 10)
Adjust the shapes
Learn fractions with interactive activities
number order
a) ascending order
b) Descending order

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