MobileVOIP – Cheap calls: Review And Features

Description of MobileVOIP – Cheap calls Review

MobileVOIP is a free iPhone app that allows you to make (free) national or international mobile VoIP calls directly from your iPhone. You can save your mobile costs by simply installing the MobileVOIP app and making cheap calls.

Make sure you have MobileVOIP enabled in the privacy settings (microphone) on your iOS device!

Select any contact from your contacts list that you can access in the app, and start your call with MobileVOIP anywhere, anytime.

MobileVOIP works directly from an integrated contact list via multiple Internet connection options (3G, WiFi, GPRS, Edge, UMTS). Install MobileVOIP now and start free 3G calls and WiFi calls today; No need for expensive calling plans! Even abroad, you can save money on your international phone calls to friends and family at home: they simply look for a public Wi-Fi access point and save on monthly call charges.

Know problems:
– After updating to iOS8, some users may have problems with their microphone. Solve this problem by going to: Settings> Privacy> Microphone, then turn on the MobileVOIP switch!


– Make SIP phone calls on your iPhone
– FREE calls to a selection of destinations with your iPhone
– Make cheap calls to any international destination
– Send cheap SMS (SMS) worldwide!
– Save fees with Wifi, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS
– Select normal contacts from the contact list to make a call
– Anywhere in the world: anywhere, anytime
– Avoid VoIP blockades with MobileVOIP
– Low bandwidth; Save on roaming

Over 50 VoIP providers are supported. Make sure you already have an account before using the MobileVOIP app. Supported VoIP brands:

12Voip, Actionvoip, CallBirtual, CallPirates, CallingCredit, CheapBouzer, Cheapvoip, CosmoVoip, DialCheap, DialNow, DiscountCalling, Easyvoip, FreeCall, FreeVoipdeal, Frynga, GlobalFreecall, HotVoip, InternetCalls, Intervoip, Jumbo, JustVoip, LowRateVoip, MegaVoip, NetAppel, NoNoh, PennyConnect, PoivY, PowerVoip, RebVoice, Rynga, SMSDiscount, SipDiscount, SmartVoip, SmsListo, SparVoip, StuntCalls, VoipBlazer, VoipCheap, VoipCheap, VoipChiever, VoipChief, VoipChoef, VoipChiever, VoipDiscount, VoipMaster, VoipRoider, VoipMove, VoipRaider, VoipSmash, VoipStand, VoipWise, VoipZoom, Voipblast, VoipYO, WebcallDirect.

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