OvrC for iPhone: Review And Features

OvrC for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of OvrC for iPhone Review

OvrC ™ ("oversee") is a remote management and monitoring service for professional integrators of power, audio / video, networking and surveillance products. Works with products from brands such as WattBox ™ & Araknis Networks® & Luma ™. Manage your customer list, change device settings, be proactively aware of issues, fix problems remotely, and restart devices from anywhere – before your customer even notices a problem.

Sound like that could make your job easier? It will. Do not revise … OvrC!

• Proactive monitoring. Fixing problems is easier if you know what is broken. Proactive alerts let you know that a device needs a service.

• Solve problems from any location. Quick restart of problem devices or bike networks with the push of a button – from anywhere – unnecessary truck rolls become superfluous.

• Easy customer management. Track devices by customer and location, save the customer number, name the devices for quick recall.

• Easy to install. Configuring devices has become easier now. Just plug it in, claim the device and get started.


Do you have an iPad? Download the "OvrC for iPad" app instead.

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