Pod Racer – Free iPhone/iPad Sonic Drag Racing Edition: Review And Features

Description of Pod Racer – Free iPhone/iPad Sonic Drag Racing Edition Review

Chasing through the desert in an experimental rocket-powered racing box is as dangerous as it sounds. The sport is relentless, exciting and deadly. Not for the faint of heart.

As the latest hot-shot pilot on the underground underground race track, life passes at the speed of sound. To prove yourself against the reigning professionals, you have to think fast and drive faster. Drive through the scorching desert heat, avoid pitfalls and obstacles, and collect coins to switch to the latest and fastest pods. Beat your opponents and reach the finish line to race again on another day. It's fast-paced action and non-stop thrills in this sci-fi racer!

Fire your engines and turn on the afterburner, because if you think twice, you've already lost.

– Collect coins to unlock new racing pods
– Stroll through the desert with a pulsating racing beat
– Play against your friends with multiplayer Game Center support
Rank on Game Center Leaderboard
-Enjoy innovative and addictive gameplay: Tilt the device to steer your pod away from obstacles and other pods
-Supersonic Retina Graphics
– Optimized for iPhone 5

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