Record Video for Free (iPhone 2G/3G): Review And Features

Description of Record Video for Free (iPhone 2G/3G) Review

★ Record videos on your iPhone EDGE / 2G / 3G! ★
★ This is not a lite version ★
★ This is a complete application ★

** We are working on the bug on iOS4 + **
** iPhone 2G / 3G users, stay tuned for this update **

We have focused all our efforts on quality and useful features for video and video recording. We have enabled the option to export your recorded videos to your camera roll. Now you can crop your videos from your camera roll and even crop them! We've worked very hard to provide you with high quality video footage with a sophisticated user interface. Share your videos with your friends via email. Copy your videos with the WiFi function to your desktop!

✓ High quality recording for crisp, clear video.
✓ Or choose low quality to save space.
✓ FAST video coding!
✓ Export to your iPhone camera roll.
✓ Edit videos from your camera roll.
✓ Email your videos.
✓ Download your videos to your desktop using the WiFi feature

Great app !! ★★★★★
"If you own an original iPhone or 3g, you need to get this app …"

I love it so much ★★★★★
"It's really cool to get it"

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