Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors And Predictions Revealed

The Note 7 has caused significant complications for Samsung. Now discontinued, fans are looking ahead to the Note 8, which has not been dropped by Samsung. We examine when the Note is 8 coming out: Galaxy Note 8 release date and specification rumors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date: August 2017 (TBC) 

It seems the much-awaited Galaxy S8 would possibly hit the shelves sooner than expected. A new report suggests Samsung is considering releasing a restricted batch of its upcoming flagship handset ahead of its official launch.

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Traditionally Samsung has unveiled a new Galaxy Note flagship every year on the IFA tradeshow, which takes place in the early month of September. For the past two years, it has announced that its new Galaxy Note firstly of August to get out advancing of the new iPhone, which is at all times revealed mid-September.

In keeping with The Investor, Samsung has its goals set on shipping a much higher volume of its new flagship device in comparison with earlier years. The re’s no mention of the exact number, however, to present you some context, that time manufacturer shipped the 45 million units of the S5 and the S6 each, and 48 million units of the S7.

“As the release date of the Samsung S8 has been delayed to mid-April, Samsung seems to possess set a more ambitious goal than before to make up for the loss attributable to the Note model, which has up to now led Samsung’s smartphone business each first quarter,” another industry insider told The Investor.

Samsung would possibly drop a limited batch of Galaxy S8 sooner than expected

Some say the Note 8 can be released in February alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8, although this rumor seems to have come from the concept that Samsung is supposed to announce two phones and both are considered to have curved-edge screens. Although one will still have a larger screen and a higher-capacity battery (and is rumored to come back with a dual-lens camera and higher-resolution 4K screen), Samsung isn’t going to be able to distinguish the two by referring to them as the standard and edge models any longer. (We’ve speculated that we are going to see the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.)

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