Siphone – iPhone Edition: Review And Features

Siphone – iPhone Edition: Review And Features

Description of Siphone – iPhone Edition Review

SIPHONE iPhone Edition is an award-winning SIP-based softphone for iPhone and iPod touch based on the market-leading CounterPath Bria Softphone.

The SIPHONE client must be activated via your service provider. Without activation of the service, the client will not work

• Highly secure, SIP-based softphone with exceptional voice quality
• Premium features like video calling, presence and messaging enhance your mobile softphone experience
• Multitasking support for background operations, eg. Eg incoming calls when using other applications

telephony features
• Contact List and Contact Favorites use the device's native contacts directory
• Call display and voicemail display
• Handsfree, mute and hold functions
• Call list with a list of received, missed and dialed calls
• Call recording
• Supports multiple calls – Switch between two active calls, Merge and split calls, Transfer calls (busy and unattended)
• Audio codecs include G.711a / u, G.722 (HD), iLBC, GSM, G.729 and SILK
• Automatic codec selection for optimal call quality
• Support for DTMF: entering numbers for using an auto attendant via RFC 2833, SIP INFO, and in-band

Messaging and presence (depending on VoIP provider)
• Send and receive messages in real time and see when contacts are available
• Connect to contacts on any SIP-compatible or chat platforms including GTalk and Facebook
• Enable your company's IP PBX account to send and receive IMs with colleagues

video calls
• Uses the front or rear facing camera
• In the picture-in-picture view, you can see how you look at the person you're calling
• H.264 and VP8 codec

Some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP features over their network, and may also charge additional fees or other charges associated with VoIP. You agree to know and adhere to the network restrictions of your wireless service provider. Syphon Networks shall not be liable for any fees, charges or liabilities imposed by your wireless service provider for the use of VoIP over 3G.

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