Sudoku School: Kids’ Sudoku Puzzles for iPhone and iPad: Review And Features

Description of Sudoku School: Kids’ Sudoku Puzzles for iPhone and iPad Review

Ideal for building spatial thinking and logical skills!

Sudoku School is the perfect sudoku app for kids and other sudoku beginners. It teaches you to play with 4×4 and 6×6 puzzles, which are much easier than the usual 9×9 Sudoku puzzle. It also has an in-game help that explains the rules clearly with drawings and plain text. The counters have both numbers and colors so younger players can use the colors for help until they familiarize themselves with the numbers.

Ten puzzle levels cover a wide range of difficulties, from the simplest 4×4 level, which is perfect for younger kids, to the 6×6 level, which is almost as hard as normal sudoku. This means that playing with you can grow for a long time as you progress. Once you've mastered all the levels in this app, you're ready to go to the regular sudoku!

Multiple user accounts make sharing easier – ideal for families or for the classroom.

• Easy-to-use drag and drop puzzles
• Colored tiles help beginners
• Ten difficulty levels
• In-game explanation of the rules
• Trophy wall to celebrate the progress
• Score tracking for multiple users
• Six puzzle themes
• 5000 puzzles available (20 puzzles are free)

We've made the Sudoku school available for download for free, so you can test it without having to buy anything. It comes with 20 free Sudoku puzzles – two puzzles in each of the ten levels. There are 5000 additional puzzles to download, but the free puzzles should keep your sudoku student busy for a while.

Download from Itunes

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