4 ways why android is better than iPhone 2017

4 ways why android is better than iPhone 2017

1. Very Less Customization as in comparison to Android

Yes, concerning evaluating the customization functions of Android phones and the iPhones, one would possibly realize the largest drawbacks of the iPhone. You can virtually customize each a part of your android phone like fonts, are living wallpapers, keyboards, standing bar, widgets, placed shortcuts, launchers, app drawer, and plenty of extras. But iPhone barley has such a lot of options. Also, the iPhone customers don’t have some great and superior widgets, keyboards, are living wallpapers for customizing their phones. On the other hand, Android is an approach so much better than iPhone because it lets in the consumer to put in any 3rd-birthday celebration keyboards.

2. iPhone is too small in entrance of all of the Android units

Apple has been production iPhone’s June 29, 2007, but some of the top drawbacks we would possibly realize is the dimensions of the one’s phones. Even the iPhone 5 is too small in the entrance of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which comes with a massive 4.8-inch display and is priced low as smartly. Alcatel has synthetic the thinnest phone on the planet (Android phone) and is better than the iPhone when it comes to mobility in addition to the appearance.

3. No same old micro-USB cables for iPhones and No NFC

All the Android phones have micro-USB cables which can be utilized for just about all of the up to date phones. But, the iPhone 5 has a proprietary connector referred to as “lightning” as an alternative of same old micro USB. The iPhone has connectivity choices that can’t be used with different phones, and this is some of the drawbacks of the iPhone. So watch out iPhone consumers, watch out as a result of it’s a must to lift your chargers always. The extra sour factor is that iPhone doesn’t have NFC in any respect and customers can not revel in the brand new cost strategies.

4. No Third-Party Apps Without Jailbreak

Although iPhone has many apps, there is a very significant drawback that even persists within the iOS 7. The customers are most active blessed with the apps which might be provided through the Apple Store. The customers need to prison holiday to (or “intending to”) set up 3rd-birthday celebration apps. But this is now not the most secure means of doing so. Jailbreaking a software voids guaranty and the selection of jailbroken apps is very small. For filing an app to the shop, you wish to have a developer’s license or through striking it up for analysis via Apple’s App Store censors. But, on Android, you’ll be able to merely write an app and ship the install document for your family member via e-mail or through another method.

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