Vonage Extensions – Your Home Calls on your iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Vonage Extensions – Your Home Calls on your iPhone Review

Your new Vonage VoIP phone service is here. And you can take it anywhere.

As a Vonage customer, the Extensions app brings your home phone to your iPhone. Download now and you can make and receive phone calls on up to two phones over Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G at home. (Push notifications required)

• Making calls from your Vonage house number on your iPhone (new)
• Calls to your private phone ring up to two smartphones at the same time – whichever is more convenient (New)
• VoIP enables business and home phone or on-the-go phone calls
• Save money on your Vonage Internet calling plan no matter where you are – unlimited international calls to over 60 countries with some plans
• Use Wi-Fi calls to make online phone calls and save cell minutes, avoid international roaming charges, and reach people when coverage is poor
• You know who calls you on your Vonage number – the app uses your contact book to let you know who is calling
• Use your contact book for easy one-touch dialing
• Do Not Disturb – Turn On / Off Calls For The App (New)
• Keep your mobile number private – Caller ID displays your Vonage number. (New)
• Select which number to display as Caller ID – Home or Mobile.
• Block unwanted calls to your Vonage line from your call or call settings. (New)
• Boomerang – for international callers. No missed calls and recall frustration anymore. Automatically connects to selected contacts by using YOUR Vonage VoIP number – for free! (New)

To begin
• Download the Vonage Extensions VoIP app to your iPhone
• Enter your mobile number, your Vonage VoIP phone number, and your account password.
• View the tour and accept push notifications to receive incoming calls.

Note: Vonage VoIP service required.

* Reasonable terms apply to unlimited calls. The use of Extensions® is combined with the use of private phones under the policy. For more information, visit www.vonage.com/reasonable_use_policy. Calls from mobile phones may cause talk time and charges depending on the mobile phone rate.

Pat: https://www.vonage.com/corporate/press_patents.php

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