Ringtone Converter – Make Unlimited Free Ringtones, Text Tones, Alerts & Alarms From Your Music: Review And Features

Description of Ringtone Converter – Make Unlimited Free Ringtones, Text Tones, Alerts & Alarms From Your Music Review

Updated with Star Wars Rogue One and The Walking Dead Negan Parody sounds. Create FREE HD ringtones and sounds and enjoy the top sounds from our library with original and exclusive ringtones, text sounds, alerts and alerts. Try our new Ringtone Converter. It is free without advertising! Give your phone a personality!

Now with the Hahaas Comedy® RINGTONE SUPERSTORE with the best of our ORIGINAL & EXCLUSIVE TONES and many are free! With our easy-to-use converter, you can create HD ringtones for FREE from your iTunes library. It's completely redesigned with more features, creating short and long ringtones, text sounds, alarms and alerts.

* Make free HD ringtones, text & warning sounds, alerts and more!
* Browse the most popular of our ringtones in the Ringtone SUPERSTORE!
* Original Hahaas® sounds are ONLY available in our apps!
* Deep Search of Free Tones, Key, Who Calls, Categories, Length, New & more.
* Find the perfect individual tones for your contacts!

Major upgrades on our FREE, award-winning Ringtone Maker with new ringtones.
* New sounds every week from the funniest Ringtones®Vault in the world.
* Tone making feature is great and easy HD quality.
* Now with the Ringtone Superstore featuring exclusive, personalized HD tones for every occasion.

Hahaas Comedy® has been a leader in the Comedy Ringtone world for the past decade. Hundreds of millions of Hahaas® ringtones have been downloaded worldwide. Joel Haas is the mastermind behind The Hahaas®. Joel took his Stand Up Comedy and Morning Show Radio experience to another level when he was hired by XM Satellite Radio as a DJ and became the first Comedy Director of the uncensored Stand Up Comedy Nationwide.

During his 8 years at XM, Joel has grown from programming and studio production to live performances and comedy albums. Of the hundreds of comedians & networks Joel has either recorded live or produced albums, as he is most proud to work with Gabriel Iglesias, Louis CK, Kevin Nealon, Jim Gaffigan, Comedy Central & BBC Radio.

After XM Joel created Hahaas Comedy® and the Ringtone Revolution began. It was during this time Joel also helped Pandora & Slacker to create their comedy channels. Joel has long been involved with The Future Of Comedy® and this new Hahaas® Ringtone app raises the bar once again.

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