Salesforce, AWS plot more private connections, integration points

Salesforce and Amazon Web Services describe a new integration that provides customers with options for connecting and sharing private data.

For Salesforce, AWS is the preferred provider of infrastructure, a more effective way around the world. Salesforce runs most of the public cloud workload on AWS and is active in Australia and Canada. Salesforce plans to run Heroku, Quip, and Marketing Cloud Social Studio on AWS.

Both companies announcing partnership in 2016 are also complementary in terms of commercialization. In addition, Salesforce and Amazon both benefit from leaving the Oracle database.

Salesforce's update on AWS's partnership begins when the company begins its Customer 360 initiative. The integration presented at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference is as follows.

  • Integration of AWS PrivateLink and Salesforce API The essence of this integration is to provide AWS developers with a private endpoint for accessing services. The Salesforce API integrates with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and performs analysis, machine learning, and client data processing.
  • AWS integration with Salesforce platform events In AWS and Salesforce, events of essentially automated processes that are triggered under certain conditions become interoperable. The company says it can subscribe to AWS's Salesforce platform events and take action. When the process is started, the results of AWS are published to Salesforce. This integration will be available in 2019.
  • Amazon connects to the Salesforce cloud service. Designed as a cloud-based contact center, Amazon Connect integrates customer workflow with Service Cloud and integrates with interactive voice response, automated call distributor, CRM. Integration points may include support for robots and AIs. Sales Connect for Amazon Cloud Service is now available.

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