Salesforce launches Customer 360, aims to integrate all your data, applications

The great idea of ​​Salesforce is that I heard from other enterprise software vendors who have different goals from a customer's 360 degree perspective. The big question is to implement Salesforce 's effort called Customer 360.

Dreamforce, developer and customer of Salesforce, describes 360 clients, including:

  • A management interface that connects and manages customer data in Salesforce applications.
  • Customer 360 ID. This allows the customer to have a unique identifier that presents an updated context profile for all applications and experiences.
  • Deploy a cross-channel customer experience using customer 360 service, marketing, commerce package.

CEO Marc Benioff and Technical Director Parker Harris will explain to customers what commercial technology buyers have already heard.

The problem Salesforce is trying to solve is important, even if it is not original. Customers are usually experienced silos and data from different parts of the enterprise may not be shared. The bad experience of these customers has confounded the interaction for years.

However, there are other players jumped onto this unique view of the client's movements. SAP CEO Bill McDermott explained how to support Salesforce in customer relationship management through its own customer experience. SAP's argument is that the customer experience starts with the ERP and HANA analysis platform and extends to CRM. McDermott said, "Some companies have gone out of a 360 degree view of sales automation, with emphasis on the 360-degree view of actual customers.

Microsoft boasting Dynamics ERP and CRM platform at the Ignite conference already talks about customer's 360 degree view. With the aid of connecting to ActiveDirectory and Azure, Microsoft has a client ID system. Microsoft began with Office and Dynamics, extending its reach with artificial intelligence and LinkedIn connections.

Also, Oracle talked about the point of discussion that was resumed in 2015 on the customer's 360-degree vision. In 2013, Oracle Siebel CRM stated customers' opinions of about 360 degrees and focused on customers.

In short, this 360 degree customer view has a lot of marketing rhetoric invested.

How Salesforce is different

Patrick Stokes, SVP Integration Cloud said earlier efforts to provide a 360 degree view of the client has been done …

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