Samsung Brand Ambassador Sued For $1.6 Million For Using iPhone X

Russian TV presenter, journalist and politician Ksenia Sobchak has been hired by Samsung to promote the company's smartphones in the country.

Part of the contract she signed with the manufacturer was that Ms. Sobchak was seen in public with Samsung mobile phones. A standard clause in such a contract would explicitly state that the brand ambassador may not be seen publicly with the device of a competitor.

Sobchak, 36, allegedly the goddaughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, allegedly violated the above clause when she saw an Apple iPhone X in a television interview. She tried to hide the device during the transfer by covering it with a piece of paper, but that was not enough to keep Samsung from discovering it. The phone manufacturer sued Sobchak by 108 million rubles, which is equivalent to the current exchange rate 1.6 million US dollars.

In addition to watching TV with an iPhone X, Ms. Sobchak appeared at social events in Moscow and held the phone on iOS, allegedly in violation of her contract. She joined Putin in the Russian presidential election earlier this year and is known as the "Russian Paris Hilton" for her reputation as a "party girl".

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