Samsung CEO Confirms Launch of Foldable Smartphones By 2018

The day the Apple Americans are preparing for the big launch of the Anniversary iPhone and the other two adjacent models, Samsung makes a unique announcement – one to which we certainly did not expect. Even Koh Dong-jin, CEO Samsung, reveals that next year a smartphone with a foldable display will be launched on the market, these plans being South Korea’s plans for the near future.

The present disclosure that is fixed on the day when the new iPhone is launched is not accidental, Samsung wishing to distract audiences from the rival camp through this promise of a foldable display phone. It is still unclear how this design device will be presented, but any patents that the South Koreans will receive will give us an idea of this. We plan to adopt a foldable display in our roadmap. We will launch such a pliant device when we are fully prepared, and this is going to happen next year.

You are upstairs with the Samsung CEO’s official statement, and you notice that reference is made to a folding device similar to the concept Lenovo has presented previously. As an assumption, I expect to see the product offered by summer next year or even autumn in the worst case.

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