Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Can Shoot 4K Up To 60 FPS, Feature To Be Activated After The Arrival of iPhone X

With the onset of new iPhone models has confirmed the upgrade they bring to the video capture level. For example, the new Apple models shoot in 4K to 60 FPS and slow motion 240 FPS in Full HD. Samsung replicates, bringing 4K to 60 FPS to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Apple boasted that it has the premiere in this chapter, that of capture 4K to 60 FPS, but theoretically and Samsung has been providing it on paper since the debut of its dual phablet camera.

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samsung galaxy note 8

At the official page of, Notes 8 is listed with movie support of this type, but in reality, the phone does not support it, at least not yet. It has just begun a “gun race” between when it comes to iPhone 8 / iPhone X stores and where Note 8 can shoot at that frame rate and UHD resolution after an update. We can only ask which doesn’t receive the Samsung Galaxy S8 because at the CPU and RAM level it’s quite equipped for this type of capture.

I know that on paper the sensors on the mobile can capture this type for about a year, so it was just a matter of ISP and CPU capacity rather than a photo sensor. Have Samsung kept this update for the coming of Android Oreo or will it offer it earlier?

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