Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Here’s everything we know

we’ve now seen a long line of impressive phones and tablets launched this year from the major names; however, there’s a more of life left in 2016 but – and one of the greatest devices still to return that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The next Galaxy is coming in September

samsung galaxy note 7

Yes, note there will be no Galaxy Note 6. That’s so it doesn’t seem old in comparison with the superb Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge that have been unveiled earlier this year. It seems the Note will now step up to the same number.

It’s the seventh Note handset nevertheless, as there was a Note Edge a couple of years back.

Galaxy Note 7 Release Date

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release date made official in IFA event which is held in Berlin every September. The annual consumer electronics show presentation many top upcoming tech products, and the Note 7 is expected to be launched the same day.

It’s almost certain those in China, Thailand, South Korea and China will see the release earlier than other western countries including the US, UK, Canada, Europe and different markets worldwide.

Early release date rumors on the iPhone 7s have it being released to the common public starting in Asia around the same time with a larger 7s Plus taking a similar Note 7 price tag.

Take a look at the entire country listing for the expected release date for the Galaxy Note 7 below.

Country                                         Galaxy Note 7 Release Date

Australia                                                               1st Week October 2017
Austria                                                                  1st Week October 2017
Brazil                                                                     1st Week October 2017
China                                                                     3rd Week September 2017
Denmark                                                               1st Week October 2017
England                                                                 4th Week September 2017
Finland                                                                  2nd Week October 2017
India                                                                      4th Week September 2017
Indonesia                                                              1st Week October 2017
Italy                                                                       1st Week October 2017
Japan                                                                     3rd Week September 2017
United States                                                       4th Week September 2017

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Latest News

samsung galaxy note 7

The Note 7 is expected to come with an iris scanner.

The iris scanning technology promises to make unlocking your phone simpler than ever, and if it is included on the Note 7, it’ll no doubt become a standout feature, marking it out from its competitors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Design

samsung galaxy note 7

The Note smartphones are identified for their larger screens and a built-in stylus, both of which are prone to stay.

They’re also set to retain their glass front and rear metal frame. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 almost similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

What can be new, however, is the color of the handset. A supposed leaked press shot shows a blue version of the handset and also black and silver versions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specs

samsung galaxy note 7

Well, according to the latest leaks, that’s. However, one of the most powerful smartphones ever released.

As well as Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon 823 processor. Note 7 have massive 6GB of RAM. It has 32GB to 256GB internal storage with Iris Scanner and also has a 4,200mAh battery – sufficient to get you nicely through a full day’s use between trips to the mains.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 screen

samsung galaxy note 7

The Note 7 will carry a sizeable 5.7-inch panel. Others have tipped a 6-inch panel to make an appearance, however, unless the handset’s received a dual-edged design like the S7 Edge we can see this happening.

Mammoth size aside, there’s much confusion surrounding exactly what skills the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will possess. The Note 7 screen resolution the same 2560 x 1440 pixel QHD Super AMOLED panel as its predecessor, others have suggested it’ll push smartphone screens onto the next stage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 camera

Same as iPhone 7, the Note is tipped to come back with a dual-lens camera.

Rumors have also been circulating that it’ll have 20 Megapixel rear cameras.

However, as Samsung decided with a 12 Megapixel lens on the Galaxy S7, with Super OIS Plus – we’re unsure if they’ll feel the need to make such a drastic change the Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price very competing, and will be priced to sell around the same time because the latest iPhone 7s Plus which will be launched around the same time.

Take a look at below for what we believe will be the launch day prices in a market near you.

Country                                                         Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price


Australia                                                                               1236 Australia Dollar
Austria                                                                                   820 Euro
Brazil                                                                                       3090 Brazilian Real
Canada                                                                                   1182 Canadian Dollar
China                                                                                       5589 Chinese Yuan
Denmark                                                                               6122 Danish Krone
England                                                                                  576 British Pound Sterling
Finland                                                                                   820 Euro
India                                                                                         57,591 Indian Rupee
Indonesia                                                                               12,141,50 Indonesia Rupiah
Italy                                                                                           820 Euro
United States                                                                        $900 USD

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung has done a tremendous job with maintaining innovations under wraps. However, they’ve already publicly said there’s a foldable concept phone shortly.

No specific details have been given, however, Sammy has already filed for a patent which leads us to expect nothing less.

It’s also believed the Note 7 will be waterproof, provide premium and faster-charging capabilities, a fingerprint scanner, faster wi-fi charging and a more active eye scanner. However, new details are in to recommend it’s almost a guarantee. With the increasing popularity of mobile payment options similar to Samsung Pay and Android Pay, having the sense of right eye sensing technology will be the best form of security yet.

We hope you enjoyed the article ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Here’s everything we know.‘ Stay tuned for more Updates.

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